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Monday April 5th:
Dr. Will Tuttle & JoAnn Farb
Tuesday April 6th
Ingrid Newkirk & Dr. Brian Clement
Wednesday April 7th
Dave Schmidt & Dr. Jennifer Shumaker
Thursday April 8th
Dr. Larisa Sharipova & Mark Sloan
Friday April 9th
Beth Greer & Michelle Perro


Beth Greer - https://pharmatodharma.com/beth-greer
Dr. Brian Clement - https://pharmatodharma.com/dr-brian-clement
Dave Schmidt - https://pharmatodharma.com/dave-schmidt
Ingrid Newkirk - https://pharmatodharma.com/ingrid-newkirk
Jennifer Shumaker -  https://pharmatodharma.com/jennifer-shumaker
JoAnn Farb - https://pharmatodharma.com/joann-farb
Dr. Larisa Sharipova - https://pharmatodharma.com/dr-larisa-sharipova
Mark Sloan - https://pharmatodharma.com/mark-sloan
Michelle Perro - https://pharmatodharma.com/michelle-perro
Dr. Will Tuttle - https://pharmatodharma.com/dr-will-tuttle




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Normal Greeting,

Put the power of your healthcare decisions back in your hands! 

Clearly, we are living a time when global healthcare is at a crisis level, and not just because of COVID-19. Chronic disease is and has been at an all time high, along with obesity, metabolic issues, autoimmune diseases, ADD/ADHD, autism, and severe breakdown of our mental & emotional health and wellbeing. Western medicine’s failure at treating many of the most common diseases perpetuates this “treat the symptom, not the cause” brand of medicine that keeps people overweight, sick, and dying not to mention its effects on quality of life, fertility, the health and wellbeing of your children and grandchildren, animals, and the environment.  We have collectively bought into a system of medicine that doesn’t honor the first phrase of the Hippocratic Oath, to first, do no harm, and have willingly agreed to allow someone else to determine what is best for us (and this does not only relate to healthcare).  

For centuries, nature has had within it, an innate intelligence that adjusts and adapts when homeostasis or balance needs to be restored.  But through the use and abuse of pharmaceuticals, the consumption of chemical-laden foods and animal products from animals raised in insufferable conditions and cruelly slaughtered, toxins in our environment, and poor lifestyle habits like stress and overwork, we have left nature out of the equation and have paid a great price. 

What we’re doing is clearly not working.  Moving further away from nature by continuing to put money in the pockets of those who place profit above people is not the solution. Our problems are much greater and inter-related in that what happens to one, be it a human, animal, or the earth, happens to the whole. 

The good news is, there IS a solution. 

The Pharma to Dharma Virtual Summit brings together experts and leaders in the fields of medicine, human & animal rights, food & lifestyle as medicine, and human consciousness. As you listen, allow yourself to become empowered with the facts of what is really going on -  in the pharmaceutical, animal agriculture and food industries as well as how it affects our evolution in consciousness in how we create our health, our reality and that of our families and communities. Once empowered, you will know and understand that you do in fact have choice as to how you direct your own healthcare. 

Click Here To Register Now! <<<INSERT AFFILIATE LINK>>>

Mark your calendar for Day 1 on Monday April 5th, 2021! 

Why should you attend this important event? 

This event is designed to provide you with information that you may not be aware of - information that can help you to make the best healthcare decisions for you and your family. 

During the Pharma to Dharma Summit, you will learn about:

• The industrialization of factory farming and how it perpetuates a system that treats humans and animals as an expendable commodity. 
• The deceptive sales and marketing practices of the pharmaceutical companies and how physicians are incented to prescribe more and more medications instead of looking for the first cause of why a patient is sick.
• How big pharma and big agriculture profit from each other compelling people to consume unhealthy foods and then requiring pharmaceutical intervention to allegedly get better. 
• The importance of detoxification regardless of how healthy you think you eat, and how we can heal not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 
• How our government and the agencies that are supposed to protect us actually contribute to keeping us in financial and emotional slavery with little choice as to how we care for ourselves and little time to do the inner work necessary for our spiritual evolution. 
• How food choices affect not only our bodies, but the collective consciousness of the planet and our spiritual evolution. 
And much more! 

We can no longer pretend not to know. 

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The more we continue to act with cruelty and indifference to what is actually going on, the more these things will continue to perpetuate and affect our health and the health of the planet overall. 

Like anything else, turning away does not help problems resolve themselves.  When we face things, amazing things can happen and we must remain optimistic that life can be better – for us, for animals, and the environment.  When we put the responsibility of our health back in our hands, we can learn to create optimal health on every level and on our own terms. This Summit will not only unlock the truth about the industries mentioned, but will offer solutions to many of the problems affecting us all.

I look forward to seeing you there and learning together, we can create a new and healthy world! 

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Save the dates! Monday April 5th – 9th where I am thrilled to be participating in the Pharma to Dharma Virtual Summit: Unlocking the Truth About the Pharmaceutical Industry, Food, and Factory Farms. 

You will not want to miss this important event that promises to deliver relevant, and at times, disturbing information about what’s really going on to keep you, your family & pets, animals and the planet enslaved in inter-related systems that put profit over people. You’ll learn how you can take back control and empower yourself and your family to live a happier,

healthier, more peaceful & harmonious life during these challenging times. Putting your healthcare decisions back in your hands and voting with your conscience and your dollars is the only way we will see change. Learn how during this important event which is not to be missed!

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Our health and the health of those we love has been sabotaged by the interconnected corruption of industries that put profit over people, not caring who is harmed in the process.  “First do no harm”, is a statement rarely remembered with the prevalence of pharmaceutical “solutions”, toxic processed foods, and the cruelty of factory farms.  But armed with the truth, we can take back control of our own wellbeing placing responsibility for our health in our own hands. Don’t miss the Pharma to Dharma Virtual Summit; Unlocking the Truth about the Pharmaceutical Industry, Food, and Factory Farms, and learn what is possible regarding your health and the health of those you love! <<<INSERT AFFILIATE LINK>>> #PharmaToDharma. #PharmaToDharmaSummit 


Get informed by Unlocking the Truth about Big Pharma, Food, and Factory Farms to take back control of your health & wellbeing. <<<INSERT AFFILIATE LINK>>> #PharmaToDharma, #PharmaToDharmaSummit #HealthandWellbeing #AnimalWelfare