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Join my VIP Circle!

Here’s what you are going to get:

>> Lifetime Access To All The Interviews “From Pharma To Dharma” Virtual Summit!
>> A 90-minute Webinar discussing the topics of the Summit as well as solutions to the problems that were revealed.
>> Free Access to the Pharma to Dharma 5-day Diet Challenge starting April 26th (on both the website and Facebook) where you can actually practice with others as you learn how to cultivate a more healthy and compassionate life that not only serves you but your family, pets, animals and the planet.
>> A 1:1 strategy session with me to identify and diffuse the personal blocks to your health goals that keep you feeling stuck, anxious, fearful, or frustrated trying to sort out the right path for you, as a unique individual.
>> E-Books from the Hippocrates Institute that are a gathering of facts, science and practical advice for living your best life.
>> A Free 30-minute Discovery Session with Dr. Larisa Sharipova where you can strategize a plan for moving forward with your health goals.
>> You’ll also be entered into a raffle to receive a signed copy of “Animal Kind”, by Ingrid Newkirk & Gene Stone.

$5 dollars from every sale will be donated to a local animal sanctuary to help those who help animals live out their lives with the freedom and care they deserve.

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All for only $99.00

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