Larisa Sharipova, MD

Mark Sloan

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Larisa Sharipova, is a lifestyle doctor, a Holistic Health Practitioner, a published author of Amazon bestselling book “Listen to your Body and Regain Your Health”, a public speaker and an owner of Holistic Expert. She works with women who juggle between their families and careers and sacrificing their own health and happiness. She guides them to build a healthy body and mind through nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Dr. Sharipova has been featured on multiple podcasts, online magazines and news medias.  

Larisa's mission is to change the world to a place full of love, health and happiness for our future generations. 


Mark Sloan is the #1 bestselling author of numerous books, including The Cancer Industry, Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled and the 6x international bestseller Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine.  He has published over 300 articles on his popular health website

When Mark Sloan was 12 years old, his mother died of cancer. About 15 years later, he realized that his greatest tragedy was actually his greatest gift. His mother gave him a story to tell that could inspire others and a mind that could find the answers the world was literally dying to know; Mark's mother died so his life could have purpose. Mark's purpose is to ensure that no child has to go through what he did, ever again.

Mark lives in Ontario, Canada, and his goal is to design and build an off grid homestead, and raise a family in a resilient, and responsible way as God had intended. Mark is passionate about learning, and his ultimate goal in life is to reduce the unnecessary suffering in this world and to make a better place for everybody and for future generations.

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